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KES 18 19.5
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Do not shy away from feeding your eyes for what the eyes see brings satisfaction to one's soul. Visit the Lake zone of Tanzania which is made up of Incredible places and Attractions in Mwanza, Kagera and Mara. On this website we provide information to kick start your Safari or Vacation to the Lake zone of Tanzania. Alternatively Hotel Bookings in Mwanza, Kagera and Mara

Rubondo Island   The Serengeti
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Rubondo Island National Park is Tanzania's only park on Lake Victoria. The Island is home to the rare Amphibious Antelope
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The Serengeti is oldest and most popular park in Tanzania. Well known for the annual wildebeest migration
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Askari Monument - Bukoba
A monument of reassurance to the People of Kagera that the Army will always protect them.
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